On January 29th 1996, a beautiful baby girl was born. We named her Jess and she grew up to be funny, kind and clever and gave nothing but happiness to everyone who knew her. She was one of life’s special people. Jess died on December 8th 2010, aged 14 years, from primary bone cancer. Her loss has devastated her family and friends and it is hard for us to go on living without her. We have struggled to exist in the `normal’ world when we have no way of showing that we have suffered great loss and no way for people to know we are finding it hard.

Since Jess died we have talked to many others who live on without people they love and who have welcomed the opportunity to talk. As a family we love the lines `I carry your heart with me, I carry it in my heart’ in the poem by EE Cummings. It occurred to us that we could create a way to communicate loss to others and hopefully encourage more openness and support in return to help us get through each day.

Our blue hearts are intended to be worn by anyone who has suffered a great loss, for those who are recently bereaved or who just need to show they are missing someone special that day. We hope they bring you some comfort and courage as you face the world again.

This is for you Jess. You and your big, happy, wonderful heart x